Right condition for exchange the router by OSPF

Right condition for exchange the router by OSPF

The conditions for properly conveying route information are summarized in the table below.

Establish neighborIn Hello packets, following is the same,

  • Area ID
  • Auth Information
  • Subnet Mask
  • Hello Interval
  • Option Flag about Stub or NSSA
Exchange LSAThe topology type of Connetion Interface is multi-access,
and there is router(s)  who has DR priority more than 1.
MTU of Connection Interface is the same.
If Priority is 0, do not proceed from 2way.
If MTU is different, do not proceed from ExStart.
Make Shortest Path TreeThe topology type must be the same.
(Multi-access to each other, or P2P each other)
LSA exchange has done even if topology type is different,
but cannot make the tree because the link is inconsistent.

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