HP switch (H3C, 3COM)

HP switch firmware update method (HP 5130 example)

Download firmware from HP website

The HPE switch firmware can download from the following URL.


Enter the product name and model number in "Enter product number or description" and press the "Search" button.

Download firmware from FTP server

Unzip the downloaded zip file and place the .ipe file in the FTP server (accessible from the target HP switch).

Download from the HP switch by FTP with the following command.(Example when the FTP server is

<HP> ftp
User ( 🙁 none)): user1
230 User logged in
ftp> dir
ftp> get ***. ipe
ftp> bye

Specifying the firmware at the next startup

Use the following command to specify the farm at next startup.

<HP> boot-loader file flash: / ***. Ipe all main


I will reboot.

<HP> reboot

Confirmation after startup

<HP> display current-configuration
<HP> display default-configuration

As the default value may change due to firmware up, it is better to compare the "display default-configuration" before firmware up and after firm up.


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