HP switch (H3C, 3COM)

HP switch config initialization

HP switch config initialization

Execute the following command.

<HP> reset saved-configuration

Then the following is displayed, press y.

Are you sure? [Y / N]: y
Configuration file in flash: is being cleared.
Please wait ...
Configuration file is cleared.

Next, execute the following command and confirm that nothing is displayed.

<HP> display saved-configuration

If nothing is displayed, reboot.After rebooting, I will ask whether to save the current configuration, but input "n" to initialize it.Next, we will ask if you really want to reboot, so enter "y" this time.

<HP> reboot

Start to check configuration with next startup configuration file, please wait ......... DONE!
Current configuration may be lost after the reboot, save current configuration? [Y / N]: n
This command will reboot the device. Continue? [Y / N]: y
Now rebooting, please wait ...
% Jan 1 11: 15: 40: 759 2013 HP # 1 DEV / 5 / SYSTEM_REBOOT: System is rebooting now.

That's all there is to it.


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